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Re: ISS on Field Day

Christensen, Eric wrote:

> Maybe because it is not a conversation between two amateurs that are on the
> earth communicating THROUGH the satellite???  Not trying to justify it but
> rather explain a possible thought as to why it does not count...

I agree that Earth station to ISS crew contacts might not be "satellite 
contacts" for ARRL FD purposes. But what about a UI packet QSO via the 
ISS of the form accepted by the 2004 AMSAT FD competition rules? That 
*is* exactly what you describe: a conversation between two amateurs on 
the surface.

See Bruce KK5DO's article in the May/June AMSAT Journal on page 30:
"The format for message exchange on the ISS or PCSat packet is an 
unproto packet to the other station (3 way exchange required) with all 
the same information as normally required  for ARLL Field Day, e.g.:

  W6NWG de K5DO 2A STX

Just having a UI packet heard and digied by the ARISS station is not a 
"Field Day contact" in anybody's book. But I think a genuine two-way 
digital QSO should be honored. And if it is, it will relieve traffic 
pressure on the other limited satellite resources available on-orbit for 
Field Day...SO-50 and AO-27 are going to be train wrecks if past 
experience is any indication, and not everybody is prepared to try to 
work though FO-29 (although as satellite band captain for W3EM I'm sure 
going to give it my best try)

A packet digital QSO as describe in Bruce's article can use less channel 
time than any other mode on an FM bird...and doesn't require ISS crew to 
be available for passes during FD over North America.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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> Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:
>>> Henderson notes that ISS voice or packet contacts do not count for 
>>> bonus satellite contact points because the ISS is not an "Amateur 
>>> Radio satellite," as event rules specify. Field Day has no specific 
>>> rules relating to ARISS operation because there's no guarantee that 
>>> the crew will be able to get on the air for the annual exercise.
> That's lame. How is this different from a PCSAT packet contact? A fair 
> number of orbiting spacecraft are not strictly for amateur radio use; 
> several of the RS birds come to mind, also AO-27 (and until recently 
> UO-14). If ISS is in packet mode significantly more contacts can be made 
> compared to two old high school chums chatting taking up  most of the 
> pass. This ruling should be reconsidered.
>   73 de Maggie K3XS

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