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Re: ISS on Field Day

I agree that contact with an amateur radio station on a satellite SHOULD count as an "amateur satellite contact".  But the ARRL didn't consult me when they made the Field Day rules.

If the ARRL doesn't want to count an ISS voice contact as a "satellite contact", they could at least count ISS as a separate DXCC entity.  This would require them to amend DXCC rule 8 which requires all stations to be on land.  There is already an exception for permanently-docked ships (such W6RO on the Queen Mary), so they could add an exception for space stations.  ISS definitely meets the 350 km separation rule, and it should qualify as a "special area" similar to Antarctica (not under the jurisdiction of any government).  I especially want ISS to count as a DXCC entity because I have it confirmed, and the vast majority of Honor Roll DXers DON'T have it confirmed.  ;-)

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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