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Re: ISS on Field Day

Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:

> Henderson notes that ISS voice or packet contacts do not count for bonus
> satellite contact points because the ISS is not an "Amateur Radio
> satellite," as event rules specify. Field Day has no specific rules
> relating to ARISS operation because there's no guarantee that the crew
> will be able to get on the air for the annual exercise.

That's lame. How is this different from a PCSAT packet contact? A fair 
number of orbiting spacecraft are not strictly for amateur radio use; 
several of the RS birds come to mind, also AO-27 (and until recently 
UO-14). If ISS is in packet mode significantly more contacts can be made 
compared to two old high school chums chatting taking up  most of the 
pass. This ruling should be reconsidered.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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