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WiSP saving parameters

Dear Satellite Freqs.
         I'm trying to get my satellite station up and running again after 
a long hiatus. I've resurrected an old Pentium I machine running Windows98 
and have plugged in my old Kansas City Tracker board and installed the DOS 
software. I downloaded the updated version of WiSP from the AMSAT web site 
and installed it. All seems to be in order on the computer end. I found the 
cable that goes between the KCT/T and my Emotator 700 rotor, and I've gone 
to WiSP's station setup pulldown.  My callsign, latitutude, longitude and 
altitude all saved properly. Then I went to the Rotator tab and set up 
Level 1 for the KCT/T, then clicked the Setup button. I enter the rig, port 
parameters, etc. and go through the rotor calibration (KCT is reading the 
rotor OK), but as soon as I click OK, everything goes back to the default 
position. I lose the rig, port set up, rotor calibration, 
everything.  There's no error message.  It simply will not save any of my 
setup parameters. I've tried repeatedly.
         I seem to vaguely recall that there is no DAT file for this 
information, but that the rig, ports, and rotor settings are saved 
somewhere as keys in the registry. And I seem to vaguely recall this 
happening before, in a previous satellite lifetime, and there was an easy 
fix. But I don't recall what it was (old age is grand that way). In any 
case, does anyone know this problem and how is it fixed? Thanks in advance.

Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)
   "Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would
       stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain 

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