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RE: Let me throw this out for discussion.


I like the idear (grin).  I would go one further.  I think that the 
Satellite community should "standardize" on the P3A (which I understand P3E 
is the test model of the P3A bird) "frame" for most if not all of its new 
HEO class birds.

No the frame is not a supersat...but face it as implemented AO-40 wasnt 
either.  P3A would probably have worked had their not been a launch failure. 
AO-13 would probably still be working now had the unfortunate (and 
unforseen) celestial mechanics problem not occurred and had AO-10 had better 
memory...well it would probably still be working.

If some judicious use is made of transponder selection, ie nothing exotic 
just some plane Joe devices well ew can probably build a rigourous bird that 
will last for sometime.  I would concur in your thoughts.

Robert G. Oler (life member)

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

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