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RE: Let me throw this out for discussion.

At 07:30 PM 6/18/04 +0000, "Robert McGwier" <rwmcgwier@comcast.net> wrote:
>I do not believe that is likely to happen.
>AMSAT-NA will have an Eagle design meeting soon (this was mentioned
>by several AMSAT-NA officials at Dayton).
>Since this will be reported on at the October meeting by the
>AMSAT hierarchy,  and since nothing is likely to happen on the
>P3E support until then anyway,  I can't see that we are endangering
>anything by discussing it.

My reasoning.  If Amsat could write any size check any time we wanted, we 
would have a lot of Oscars up there.  But the limiting factor on Oscars is 
funds.  I like the idea of having two new P3's as well, and if donations 
start rolling in then we really don't need to discuss this idea.  I think 
if Amsat-DL saw an increase in funds roll in P3E could get launched sooner. 
No matter how things go, I'll still continue to donate to both projects.


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