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ARS rotor controller and the HD-73 rotor

Are there any list members who are using the ARS RCX AZ/EL boards with
an Alliance HD-73 rotor or any rotor that return less than 5V at max

My HD-73 only provides 0.71 volts at max range.  This is well below the
needed 5V for returning a value of 255 from the 8 bit ADC.  The best I
can get is a max value of 36.  ARSWIN complains this is way to low for

If anyone has an HD-73, could I trouble them to send me the voltage they
read at full range between terminal #6 on the back of the control unit
and the case?

Does anyone now how to resolve this problem?  I have v3.2 of the RCX-AZ
board.  The older RCX boards had P3 and P4 which allowed adjusting the
voltage up.  The board I have has a jumper across P3.  I suspect I need
to insert an appropriate value here.

-Freeman, N5FPP

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