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Why EAGLE on hold for P3E ???


I just read a message about putting the EAGLE project on hold for P3E...
This means all the american hams and engineers will come to Germany to help 
with P3e ???

I think its better that more projects at the same time will continue.
This gives more satellites in the future, instead of one by one with many 
years in between...

Then money seems always the problem. For the actual hardware yes, but before 
making things you can do already many other work that doesn't cost to much 
money only working hours.
E.g making software, maybe find better hardware ideas, or find new sponsors 
etc etc...

Just go on, everybody who wants to make a satellite, from large clubs to 
There are many ways to make satellites, and you can make it as expensive as 
you want...

This is just a message to encourage people to go on building sats :o)

73 de PE1RAH,
William in Medellin, Colombia (at the moment)

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