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Fw: Let me throw this out for discussion.

> Rick Fletcher, KG6IAL expunged (rick@teksharp.com):
> I think that's a great idea, Vince.  As another suggestion, once the DL
> satellite has proven itself in space, maybe Eagle could be based upon that
> platform rather than spending considerable time and money reinventing the
> wheel.  This approach might allow us to affordably send up one or two more
> such birds in complimentary orbits so that we have at least one workable
> pass each day regardless of operator location.
> Of course, this assumes that they are currently re-inventing the wheel.
> Judging by the level of support AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-DL are giving each
> other,
> I doubt that this would happen.
> -Steve

In reviewing the information which is available on these two birds, it seems
to me that there are significant differences as well as some similarities;
therefore, a significant amount of "reinvention" would seem to be


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