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RE: Let me throw this out for discussion.

Let me clarify my position here.  My voice is relevant in many amateur
related questions, causes, events, etc. even though I might not be a
financial supporter.  In the case of the satellites, I am not a
supporting member, but I have an interest and may become one someday.
However, the question at hand directly involves contributor's money.  If
a contributor wants to support Eagle, that's great, if he wants to
support the other, that's great, but having neither used nor contributed
to the satellite programs, I shouldn't tell James how his money should
be spent.  

If, on the other hand, James suggested that the input frequency be
14.336 USB, my voice would not only be important, but it WOULD be heard
(I know, it's only to make a point.)  I am a county hunter and that
would jeopardize our operations on that frequency.  

Thank you for encouraging me, though.  

73 for now


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> I am not a member so my voice is irrelevant.  >>>>SNIP<<<<
> Buck

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