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Re: Let me throw this out for discussion.

On Friday 18 June 2004 07:21, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:
> How many NA members would support Amsat-na putting Eagle on hold a little
> longer and getting behind the Amsat-DL P3E project so a new P3 type
> satellite could reach orbit a little faster?  I was thinking about it, and
> I kind of like the idea.
> (This is not a troll post Andy, just a topic for discussion. Ignore if you
> wish.)

Hi Vince,
  I for one would be against it....

my reasoning is that I'm not that sure that "pushing" a project is  all that 
good to start with...

you normally build to fit a launch that you have arraigned, so do you have the 
ride if you finish early?

we saw what happens when you put all your eggs and all your funds into one 
project... i.e. ao-40

considering how much was spent and how much time... right now don't you wish 
ao40 had been split into a couple smaller sats?

I would rather P3E runs on the timetable that they already laid out, and that 
EAGLE continues, such that we end up with 2 working Heo's  in orbit at the 
same time or one working one in case one doesn't make it or last.. 


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