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Portable Satellite antenna

As seen in my topic, Satellite on the 706, I would like to setup a
portable operation to use satellite.  

I don't know how sound my theory is, but those of you who use satellites
will probably know right away.

I want to create a small satellite antenna array with 2 meters and 10
meters.  I am thinking that if I mount these on a post and tilt the post
at the proper angle, I should be able to pick up a satellite as it rises
from one horizon and manually rotate the antennas on the pole and it
automatically follow the arch of the satellite.  

In hopes of making this more clear, here is what I am thinking.  I use
one pole that, if mounted at 90 deg vertical (perpendicular to the
earth), it will rotate 360 degrees as would any normal beam operation on
HF or vhf.  But I want to make the pole lay back at an angle such that
with the antenna pointed west, it will point further and further upwards
as it arches toward the east until such time as it starts arching back
down the closer it gets to the east.  IF this angle were due south, the
antenna would rise from the west, sweep upwards toward the south and
back downwards toward the east but because of the angle, it would never
point northwards unless you want to talk through the earth.  

I am thinking I can have two angles to have to work with.  The magnetic
angle of the pole, and the vertical angle of the pole.  

I have never operated satellite so if this is one of those "you don't
have a clue" questions, enjoy the laugh, and let me know.  I really


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