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Satellite on the 706

I have an IC-706 MKII.  It covers HF, 6 and 2 meters.  I recently had a
Yaesu 817 which also had 440 MHz.  It had instructions on programming in
a satellite that operated as a 2 meter cross band repeater.  I have
since learned that the satalite is dead and my radio was stolen so I can
no longer use it.  However, I would like to know where to find the
settings that will allow me to operate my 706 on a satellite.  I don't
have a big antenna system and am hoping to setup a portable antenna I
can use in the field.  My house is surrounded by a dense batch of 130
foot or taller pines.  Even in the summer, the sun doesn't actually come
out here until after 9am.  Satellite TV is out of the question so
operating satellite from a base isn't an option at all.

Thanks for the information.


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