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Echo Digital Modes

Hi Roy,

I have been using Wisp since it first came out and find it an excellent program.  It 
has a few quirks but nothing that would be death dealing.  If you need some help with 
various items let me know.  I would ask you to first walk through the Setup menu 
items and to carefully read through the Readme file that comes with the program.  It 
covers some of the known items you may come across.  You will need a TNC2 compatible 
TNC, full duplex and KISS mode capable.  The TNC3 works fine.

Wisp has a KCT driver with it that does not support KCT use with Windows 2000, XP, 
etc.  Windows NT version 4.0 is the last Operating System supported by the KCT 
driver.  However WiSP itself runs fine up through Windows XP.  There are other 
trackers out there, such as the Uni-Trac unit, that are designed to interface with 
WiSP or run in a stand alone mode.

Just last week a new WiSP user told me he was up and running on UO-22 in a couple of 
days tinkering.  Additionally, I think you will prefer WiSP over PB/PG when you find 
you can similtaneously upload and download as opposed to PB/PG where you had to run 
PB and then PG seperately to do your uploading and downloading.

Roy -- W0SL

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:33:47 -0700
From: Roy Schulz <rwschulz@shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Echo Digital modes

Hi All,

Thanks Colin, and all the rest who sent me replies. I must say, I was
pleasantly surprised by the high degree  of civility of all the
respondents, considering my rather tongue-in-cheek attitude. I didn't
even have to put on the Nomex underwear, hi.

The number of replies suggest that there are people out there ready to
get going on the Echo digital transponder as soon as it's available. So,
I'll be playing with Wisp on UO-22 for the next while to get better
acquainted with the software, and I hope that Echo will give us all an
opportunity to enjoy it's many potential  modes in the near future.

Thanks to all.



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