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RE: Echo Digital modes

I suspect that Roy W0SL may respond to your email in detail, should he still
be monitoring the amsat-bb.
WiSP albeit written in the 20th Century was then and still is an excellent
WiSP is in fact PB/PG ported to the Windows platform.
This work was done by Chris Jackson ZL2TPO, now G7PUN.
My most recent use of WiSP was to download megabytes of data from the
experimental Rudak experiment on AO-40.

> Nowhere is there any indication that a tnc, or even a com-port might be
> involved. I guess that's why I always used PB/PG  on my Satgate system.
In the first instance your observation is correct, but when you use Setup
Satellite from the Setup Menu Selection, you proceed through a number of
dialogs to enter Name, TNC Settings etc.
WiSP does however have limited support for the more modern TNC's, but
provided they are TNC-2 compatible, its fine.

> I  was always a fan of the Pacsat protocol that was used on the older
> digital satellites, and it sure would be nice to be able to use Echo's
> capabilities to their fullest.
I see no reason whatsoever why WiSP will not perform on Echo, which to the
best of my reading, is also running the Pacsat Protocol.

Colin VK5HI

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