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Echo Digital modes

Hi folks,

With Echo hopefully coming over the horizon soon, I was dusting off the 
old tnc's and radios in anticipation of  trying out the digital 
transponder at 9600 baud.  Looking on the  Amsat website, I see that the 
only Windows software available for this operation is the venerable Wisp.

After looking at Wisp for awhile, I remembered why I had never used it  
on the old digital birds. To say it is a little long in the tooth is 
putting it mildly.  I spent  some time wandering around  all the menus 
and help files, and  I have come to the conclusion that Wisp talks 
directly to the satellites by telepathy ,  or perhaps some  secret 
ethereal connection known only to the magicians at SSTL.
Nowhere is there any indication that a tnc, or even a com-port might be 
involved. I guess that's why I always used PB/PG  on my Satgate system.

Now, my reason for this post is not to slam Wisp, but to ask if there is 
anyone working on  something from this century, software-wise.  It seems 
to me that if we are going to have a high-profile transponder on Echo 
that's going to be on continuously, we might actually want to have a way 
to use said transponder.

I  was always a fan of the Pacsat protocol that was used on the older 
digital satellites, and it sure would be nice to be able to use Echo's 
capabilities to their fullest.

So, any info..??   Anyone..??



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