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Icom 820 H

I have and Icom 820 H that I purchased recently, and I was able to make two
contacts on FO-29 this weekend. The manual is not the best in explaining
things, and holding down a button while tuning the transmitter in the
satellite mode I find awkward. I found that using the up/down on the mike
will change the transmitter but not while transmitting. It is easy to give
it several clicks and be close when going back to the other station. This
would be more convenient to use if it worked during transmit.
The problem that is most annoying is that the "S" Meter appears to be linked
to the transmit level and the LCD display on the sub band (receive) is
lacking in performance. Is there a way to remain in satellite mode and get
the "S" meter to work on the receive side? I also can only get the Power
control to provide Low or High or one choice with speech compressor on or
off. Any mods for this one? I expected a variable control that would be easy
to set on the fly.


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