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re: Crying wolf? RS-15

N5FPP, i saw your report on DCarr's web page, and was seriously wondering 
about it...

I hear RS-15 CW beacon fairly routinely (with a horizontal twin-lead j-pole
between my second story and a convenient tree), but i have never anything 
distinctively human being transmitted in its passband at any time that i've
been listening.  The closest i came is when i maybe heard the CW beacon
FM'ing slightly, with another signal at the bottom of the passband at about
the same CW speed at the beacon (too fast for my very meagre ability to copy
of a good day) that i presumed was a bogie. I occasionally check 29.380 MHz, 
but it would be quite easy to miss someone there.

A few thoughts:  If your received signal goes away when the satellite goes
below the horizon, or when your transmit signal leave the satellite's pass-
band, then that's a good hint.  Now, if you shift your transmit frequency up
10 KHz in Mode A and the receive frequncy moves up by something other than
10 KHz, then i suspect you are listening to a harmonic or some other product.
Note that even if it does more up by 10KHz, you still could be hearing some 
kind of spurious response...  So one of the other tests is better.  

Note that even if its 10m signal is heard well below the horizon, your 2m
signal is very unlikely to be heard by the satellite.  So your retransmitted
signal should still go away, even when the 10m beacon does not disappear.

You mentioned how much power you were running, but not how strong the receive
signal was (compared to the beacon, for example).  If it is not especially
weak compared to the beacon, i could try listening next time if the pass and
my schedule are suitably for this.  If you want to try, let me know and i'll
try to arrange a time and/or provide an e-mail address to page me.  

73's/good luck!
			       -- KD6PAG

[Note: I never send unsolicited binary attachments and if you receive anything
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probably isn't from me.]
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