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Re: Crying wolf? RS-15

Reasonable answer.  Doesn't explain why the downlink disappeared two
minutes after LOS without me changing anything.  That would suggest I
was actually hitting a sat.

Unfortunately, I cannot separate the radios - I was using my TS-2000 in
satellite mode at the time.  If your hypothesis is correct, that
suggests that I can never trust this radio on mode A satellites. 

-Freeman, N5FPP

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 09:58, Glen Gardner wrote:
> It could be an image frequency, or passband/IF feedthrough.  Both are 
> artifacts of your receiver.
> A lot of  different "all band" radios share common IF's or passbands.   
> Some radios seem to just stick a 10M to VHF converter inline so that you 
> could end up hearing weak signals from your allbander on 10M ,even 
> though you are on VHF.  Thus, a 10M Rig can end up picking up the 10M 
> passband of your all bander when you are transmitting on VHF.
> More than likely, you are getting IF or passband  feedthrough and it 
> just happens that both radios share a common IF or passband so that one 
> will recieve the other when they are near , no matter what band they are 
> on.   Try seperating the radios by a few feet and see if the situation 
> changes.
> Glen

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