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Monster Rocket

AMSAT demos.

If you want to add spice to your AMSAT demos or
satellite classes, consider the Water Rockets that
are out there now.  At KAY BEE toys or Toys
R-US you can get a 7 foot tall rocket for $35 that

All it is is a rocket, a base, and a hand air pump.

Pour in about a quart of water, pump, squeeze the
"launch" bulb and whammo, this water rocket goes
well over 100 feet.

Maybe it is not very high, but being 7 foot tall it
does make an impression.  We are using it this
year to break the manotony of all the satelite demos
we are doing for visiting student groups.

It is VERY well engineered.  All it is is a 2 quart
coke bottle with a air inflated body to make it 
look big and to scale for the large coke bottle

Find pictures on the web searching on
Hydrorockets Monster Rocket by hasbro. 

And if that doesnt amaze you, just search on the
general subect of water rockets, and they have
come a LONG way since I was a kid.  You can
find the record is 1200 feet.  (You wrap kevlar
around the coke bottle and presurize it to 1000 PSI.

Or a japanese video of the FIRST HUMAN flight
on a water rocket.  This guy strapped 4 water cooler
jugs to his back and it flew him off a pier, about
100 feet and a few flips into the water...

Wow, kids these days have it all!


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