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"new antenna technology"

The URI antenna is described in EE Times as a "distributed-load monopole",
which, it is claimed, has high efficiency for its small size.  I placed a
to URI to see if I could talk with the 'inventor'.  Thusfar, he's not called

This thing has been discussed and speculated about at some length on
the towertalk reflector.  If interested, you can see the thread on

>From what I can see, it's the equivalent of a hamstick....a helically
wound coil radiator, such as was popular for CB and 10m use in the 70's.

How applicable might it be to satellite use?  Hard to know, without seeing
more, but I have my doubts.  On the other hand, take four of them, as a
pair of crossed dipoles, feed them 90 degrees out of phase, and you've got
a turnstile for 10m satellite use...and possible something small enough that
it might be tolerable in an antenna limited area.   Then, again, you can do
that with hamsticks...and the mounting hardware exists today.


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