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My LEO DX wishlist

After thinking about it for a while, I thought I'd post my own wish list for satellite DX on the LEOs we have right now. Keep in mind this is from my point of view in Florida, and does not include the ones I have confirmed already, or any EU stations.

In no particular order, some with comments, and a special offer at the end.

OX Greenland (I missed Ramon from there...)

FP St. Pierre (likewise with N1JEZ's op, was out of town I think...)

CY9 St. Paul

CY0 Sable

4U1UN (yes, it's a seperate DXCC entity)

C6A Bahamas (I worked a VE there once, but never got a card, I think he is SK now...)

KG4 Guantanamo (really surprised that I have NEVER heard this one on sat)

VP5 Turks and Caicos (missed a 6 on vacation there....)

HH Haiti

VP2V British Virgin Islands

FS French St Martin (was hard for me to work FS/KO4MA, LOL)

V2A Antigua and Barbuda

J7 Domenica

J6 St. Lucia

J8 St. Vincent

8P6 Barbados (I think i have this one, but no QSL)

J3 Grenada

8R1 Guyana

PZ Suriname

YN Nicaragua

YS El Salvador

FO Clipperton 

XF4 Revilla Gigedo (did anyone get them on sat the last time?)

Here is my offer. To any US AMSAT member going to any of these places, who can secure a license, I will loan an Arrow and 2m and 70cm FM handheld setup to use on AO-27, SO-50, and Echo, as well as act as pilot station, and QSL manager for satellite contacts. I can also provide pass times, and help you learn to use the equipment. If you have a rig capable of 70 cm and 2m, I will also help you with learning how to use it on FO-29 and AO-7. This includes DXpeditions, work trips, and vacations...

I may also be able to help any residents of these locations, on a case-by-case basis....

73, Drew KO4MA
(missing DX on AO-40 in a bad way)

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