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Re: Nasa On DTV

Just to clear up some of the confusion/misconceptions I've been reading on
the list about the NASA Select television channel on DIRECTVĂ, here's the

DIRECTVĂ broadcasts its signals from Satellites located at the 101â, 110â &
119â orbital slots. The "main bird" has always been the 101â satellite,
carrying the majority of the channels. (It was initially the only satellite
in the early days of DIRECTVĂ.) The satellite at 119â was added to
accommodate the increased capacity needed for additional channels, primarily
local stations, Spanish-language programming, and a few others. The
satellite at 110â is the most recent addition to the "family", now carrying
HDTV signals and some Chinese-language programming.

NASA Select was added to the channel line-up at least three years ago, maybe
longer, but only on the 119â satellite. (I can't recall exactly how long
it's been.) It has always been free - to DIRECTVĂ subscribers - with no
minimum level of programming package required that I am aware of. But you do
have to be a subscriber to the DIRECTVĂ service in order to receive it; they
are under no obligation to provide it free and "in-the-clear" to
non-subscribers. (That's what NASA does on the C-band system.)

When I heard that NASA Select was available on the 119â satellite, I
upgraded my single-LNB, 18" round dish to the newer 18"x24" oval dish with
multiplexer, 2 LNB's, and an additional mounting slot for a third. That's
all it took, and I was receiving NASA Select on channel 376 from the 119â

DIRECTVĂ just very recently moved their channel 376 from a transponder on
the 119â satellite over to the "main" bird at 101â. That's why a lot of
people are now receiving it for the first time. They either just have an 18"
round dish with only one LNB, or if they do have a multi-LNB oval dish they
may not have it hooked up correctly or have never configured their receiver
to let it know it's connected to a multi-LNB dish.

So that's the story of NASA Select TV on DIRECTVĂ. I now notice that the new
Multi-Satellite Systems being sold include the oval dish with all 3 LNB's
installed to receive all 3 of the birds.
Stephen, WR9A - Lafayette, IN
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