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Re: Been off the birds for a while-Kayser

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Robert McGwier wrote:
> The answer has been clear to me for years.  We have a secret weapon.  I have no
> idea why we do not use it.  We dare not mention the secret weapon for fear that
> we might have to talk to the eccentric but I will do it as I lost any pretense
> to political correctness ages ago.
> Someone correct me if I am wrong:  Larry Kayser, VA3LK, has produced more
successful on orbit batteries than anyone in any one of several different 
measures.  He and his compatriots developed a nearly fool proof system for 
selection and matching of commercial grade batteries to get those that are better
than space rated batteries.  I would give him a podium and let him rant about
AO-7 for every day for five years if he would produce all our battery packs.
Bob N4HY

Bob, N6HY, illustrates something that has been my craw for some time.  Larry is
a first class SOB in his way as many of us are that are intense about satellites
and on occasion, AMSAT!  His renowned ability to provide balanced batteries is
well known all over the world!  Most of us that grew up in the technically 
competent amateur world simply can not see it any other way.  The Ten Four, good
buddy present day "amateur" world is simply disgusting!!!!
     Like it or not, we must understand that WE provided help to the satellite
program.  AMSAT and Amsat members better understand that our "birds" fly for the
very reason that SOMEONE, VA3LK, N6HY or me for that matter cared enough to make
it happen.  Most of the time I get the impression AMSAT members think that birds
fly on Washington, D.C.  BS!!  Scientific principals launch satellites!!
     I had the honor to visit Larry and find out him "loath" for the present
AMSAT.  He is a typical "get it done type" as I am.  I do not totally agree. In
fact I am most happy that AO-7 came back to life, but then, when have you ever
two technically competent devotees agree????  Don't criticize until you have a
better plan!  Why in hell should we care when the military is clobbering ALL
frequencies including amateur?  So a little satellite came back to life 
to entertain us???  How nice that it did!
     Do some homework people!!!  Our heritage is rather good in my view!  N4HY
has tried to show that.  He is not alone but certainly shows that our satellite
group is not a bunch of silly handheld owners wanting to know how they can talk
to Europe with no responsibility whatever!! We have a long way to go.
Cliff K7RR
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