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Further adventures with Unitrac and the IC-910

Previously, I reported I was also unable to get an IC-910 working on the 
TTL interface of a Unitrac box. Same problem John Beanland reported a 
few days ago.

I pulled out a CT-17 interface that I had for the IC-910, and made up a 
string of adapters that reversed the null modem polarity of the FT-847 
cable I have been successfully using.

When I told the Unitrac software I was using an IC-910, at 9600 baud, on 
radio port 1, voila, it worked just fine.

So basically, the Unitrac works on its RS-232 interface, but doesn't 
seem to work on the TTL interface -- at least not to an IC-910. Perhaps 
something changed with the 2003 software release? I don't know, but at 
least now there's a workaround.

Art N3OY

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