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Re: Been off the birds for a while

>I was surprised to learn that apparently virtually no-one is Dxing via
>satellite any more.  I assumed that satellite Dxing would be bigger now than
>10 years ago.  Has this part of the hobby died?  A few DX contacts are being
>made on ao-7 (ao-7!) and not much else unless I am missing something.
>Searching packetcluster spots for satellite activity yields almost nothing.

Hi Bill, 
I remember working you on RS-12 way back in 1993 or so, welcome back! Satellite dxing is on a bit of a hiatus for most of us since the loss of AO-40 in January. AO-10 has also not been heard in quite some time, well over a year. With your location in Vermont, you should have plenty of opportunities for DX on FO-29 and AO-7 into Europe though. You may even be surprised what you can work on the FM satellites. On the LEO SSB birds I've found it best to make schedules for DX QSOs. In the last year or so I've worked TF, HI, VP9, HK, PY, 9Y, FG, FM, 6Y5 and others, but it's no comparison to AO-40. There was a list of the DXCC countries that had been activated on AO-40 and it was about 120 I think. Thats pretty good for Mode S.

That being said, the 2 new HEO projects will be the return of really good satellite DX'ing. P3E from Amsat-DL is scheduled for launch next year I think, and hopefully with enough support Eagle from AMSAT-NA will follow in not too many years. Both organizations are looking for donations to these projects. And there is always hope for the return of AO-10 and AO-40.

Consider also working on your VUCC on satellite?

73, and good DX,
Drew KO4MA
DXCC 79 confirmed, ~85 worked
VUCC 511 confirmed

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