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Been off the birds for a while

I am an AMSAT Life Member and was an active satellite DXer on mode A, mode B
and mode J birds about 10 to 15 years ago: ao-10, ao-13, RS-various.   I
eventually worked about 100 countries including many DXpeditions.  One could
work the world on mode B most days and there were a lot of stations QRV.

After a period off-the-air due to work, etc., I've set up a new QTH and am
enjoying HF and 6m Dxing and contesting once again.  I intended to dust off
my FT-736R and M2 satellite antennas this summer and start Dxing the
satellites again.  I have been Websurfing around to see what's up in the
satellite DX world.

I was surprised to learn that apparently virtually no-one is Dxing via
satellite any more.  I assumed that satellite Dxing would be bigger now than
10 years ago.  Has this part of the hobby died?  A few DX contacts are being
made on ao-7 (ao-7!) and not much else unless I am missing something.
Searching packetcluster spots for satellite activity yields almost nothing.

I have no interest in making semi-local FM contacts via satellite nor do I
have much interest in satellite-BBSs.  I enjoy CW and SSB weak signal work.
Anything else going on?  Or should I sell my FT-736R and stick to HF/6m?

Bill NT1Y (ex-AA6TT)
Topsham VT

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