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Predelictions and Premonitions of Rare and Occult: Transit of Venus -- live on the Web

Dan (N8FGV) posted a note telling of next week's transit of Venus. The folks
in Europe have a full view of the event. Here in the USA, the east sees the
latter part of the event in progress at sunrise, while the Left Coast misses
it totally.

To help the rest of the world participate in this event, the Norwegians have
promised a live web event. Just tune in to http://www.astronomy.no/. The
event chronology is seen at http://www.astronomy.no/venus080604.html
(remember that CET D.S.T. is +2 hours from UTC).

Other interesting sites include http://www.venus2004.org/,
http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/transit/venus0412.html, and

>From the Norwegian website, it looks like there will be a great pagan
ceremony at the famous Frognerpark (a.k.a. Vigelandpark) in Oslo. I wonder
about Stonehenge?

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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