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FOR SALE - Compaq/HP TC1000 Tablet PC and Accessories

I know this isn't strictly radio or satellite related.  If this is not
appropriate for this forum please let me know.

You know you have been bitten by the satellite bug when you decide to
let go of one of your prized possessions.

I have a Compaq/HP TC1000 Tablet-PC for sale or for partial trade for
satellite equipment.  I bought this tablet to build a wear-able PC
around when I had time and money for such interests.  Now I'm using it
for little more than a very expensive mpeg3 player.  It is in mint (I
mean mint) condition.

This is the only Tablet-PC model that I ever found that has lived up to
the hype by Microsoft and the laptop manufactures.  The TC1000 can be
used as a normal laptop or convert to tablet use for handwriting
recognition and pen use.  I typically get four hours of heavy use, or
five to six hours of casual use from the batteries.  The handwriting
recognition is dead on for words that are in the dictionary, you may
have to train it for other words.


  TC1000 Tablet-PC	1Ghz Transmeta T5800
			768Mb RAM
			60Gb hard disk
			2.0 & 1.1 USB ports
			CF (compact flash) port
			Type 2 PCMCIA slot
			10/100 Ethernet
			802.11b (10Mb) wireless ethernet
			detachable USB keyboard
			Windows XP Professional Tablet-PC edition
			Fedora Core-1 Linux
			USB 2.0 CDRW/DVD drive
			USB 1.1 floppy drive
			AC adaptor
			3 x batteries
			2 x battery chargers w/AC adaptors
			Excecutive leather carrying case
			Standard leather carrying case
			2 Years left on 3 year warranty
			Software & documentation
The warranty says if anything breaks under normal wear and tear (I mean
anything) HP will replace it.  I have already replaced one pen (right
after I got the unit) and recently, the detachable keyboard.

I can be convinced to leave most of the licensed software on the disk,
this includes full versions of Microsoft Office and other MS software. I
will also include all software CDs, documetation, and licenses.

I paid ~$3000 a year ago for this unit with accessories.  Going price
for the same unit today is $2400 to $2600 with all accessories.  I would
like to get $1800 cash or trade for satellite gear and cash.  

Items I would consider for trade are:

	Yeasu FT-847
	Kenwood TM-D700A
	Any newer satellite 2m/70cm all mode radios
	Mast mounted 2m/70cm preamps (SSB, DEMI, ARR)
	2m/70cm cross yagi antennas (KLM, Gulf Alpha, etc.)
	S-band/L-band gear
	Feed-line (LMR-400, Beldin 9913, etc)
	Yaesu az/el rotor combos
I will pay shipping or will split shipping for trade & cash deal.

I can make pictures available for anyone who is interested.

Email is preferred, but I can be reached at 505-286-4009.

-Freeman, N5FPP

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