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Re: Was eham, now W4AMI award

> Drew,
>     I'm all for hearing the public stance on some of the issues!  I think
> is a great idea.  I for one do not believe the W4AMI award has anything to
> do with what happens on SO-50 (the remaining FM bird).  I believe most of
> the guys you are refering to have enough Qs for the award already.  The
> times I have jumped in on the bird I have found the regulars to be quite
> cordial.  I'm all for anything that promotes activity.  The more I listen,
> on the birds or local FM or HF for that matter the less I hear.  Many
> I have been all alone on FO-20/29.
> 73,
> Joe
> ks5z

I agree, the problem is not so bad on SO-50 because so few people try that
satellite. Many think it's never on, when the truth is you just need a good
station to hear it lots of the time. The award is an ongoing thing, with
endorsements given out at 1k intervals I think. Where I feel this whole
thing is a problem is on AO-27 and in the past on UO-14 when you hear guys
walk on the new guys to make another Q with the same guy they worked on the
last pass. I'm not saying that everyone with that award is guilty either. I
just think we should be more mindful of working the new guys who may join up
and support new satellites, than working the same guys over and over each
pass for a piece of paper.

The newbies can do themselves a favor too, by listening more to begin with,
using a full duplex radio so they can hear their downlink and avoid
collisions, and my pet peeve...never call cq, and never just repeat your
callsign over and over. It is an order of magnitude more productive to
listen for a station you'd like to work, then call that station. It shows
you can hear the satellite, and cuts the time for an exchange in half,
yielding time for more QSOs.

I've often been alone on FO-29 and AO-7 for entire passes too. I think if we
had more analog sats up there, we'd see more activity on them. It's hard to
gear up for a satellite that is getting long in the tooth, and one that has
risen from the grave and may return any day.

73, Drew KO4MA

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