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Re: Was eham, now W4AMI award

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Was eham, now W4AMI award

> The whiners over there _do_ have a point. I think some of the problem
> from the W4AMI award. We give people an award for being on every pass and
> saying Hi/Bye to 4-5 of the same people for each pass, 6 times a day. This
> just is not compatible with a FM satellite, especially when ECHO goes up
> we are looking to gain new members out of the launch  I like just about
> everyone on satellite, but when I hear the "breakfast club" term thrown
> around and folks trying to recite the entire list of who is on the bird at
> the time, I want to puke in my microphone. If everyone listened for the
> guy on the arrow, instead of trying to make another qso for their W4AMI
> award, AMSAT would be better off in the long run. I suppose if we really
> cared about growing our membership, we'd suspend FM QSOs for the award and
> let folks make their W4AMI qsos on AO-7 or FO-29. Those birds are mostly
> empty most passes.
> If Echo is as popular as I think it will be, I feel the regulars need to
> restrain themselves to 1 or 2 QSOs per pass, and try to make it a new guy.
> like to follow up that type of QSO with an email and an amsat membership
> application and invitation to join. I'm going to try my best to only make
> 1-2 qsos on each busy FM satellite pass.
> I think this year before I send my ballot in for the BOD seats that need
> be filled, I'm going to ask for a public stance on a few positions from
> candidates as well as their willingness to change the status quo, and
> my vote appropriately.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Interesting Satellite thread on eHam
> > http://www.eham.net/articles/8346
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    I'm all for hearing the public stance on some of the issues!  I think it
is a great idea.  I for one do not believe the W4AMI award has anything to
do with what happens on SO-50 (the remaining FM bird).  I believe most of
the guys you are refering to have enough Qs for the award already.  The
times I have jumped in on the bird I have found the regulars to be quite
cordial.  I'm all for anything that promotes activity.  The more I listen,
on the birds or local FM or HF for that matter the less I hear.  Many times
I have been all alone on FO-20/29.


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