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Re: Echo PL tone

The PL like on SO-50 does not really stop all the QRM. If they are stronger
than you, you will still not get through. What it does allow is for the
satellite to save power when there is no one to use it, like out over the
ocean. This is superior to relying on a ground station to enable it, and if
someone _is_ out in the middle of nowhere, they can still use it.

The Echo team has listened to feedback from SO-50 users and added a 10
second squelch tail to the system. This means on a typical US or Europe pass
the transmitter will be on the whole time.

You should know I am not on or speak for the Echo team, I'm just an avid

73, Drew KO4MA

> Bill, Ever use UO-14? Possibly to eliminate any taxi cab dispatchers
> QRM during their illegal use of 2 meters. 73 Pete NA2P
> ----

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