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Echo Webpages (Dayton04)

Hello !
First of all many thanks for the information webpages set up for Dayton04
about Echo. If you are not Amsat-NA member it's kind of hard to get some
info (yes, I know.. 'Become one'), especially here in Europe.

This said, it's kind of sad to see that mode L/S 'might' be implemented ,

1. only as digital in the beginning
2. analog L/S only being 'experimental'
3. this analog L/S being FM (!)
4. I fear that this is only single channel..

I know the possible arguments about FM in favour of SSB because of the
high doppler shift for LEO orbit. Still, I think FM ist really a waste of
power.. we (amateur radio operators) should know better.

Yes, the bird is really low, so we have enough signal anyhow.. why not
doing a benefit out of it? ever tried to work with a S-Band quarterwave
Groundplane? Guess what, it was possible with AO-40 and I hope it will be
again for Eagle and P3-E.. or has anybody calculated round trip budgets
for Echo? I might be wrong, but please say so.

For the main payload of Echo (V-U Transponers), I honestly hope this will
work out here in Europe.. the density of amateur radio stations is rather
high, so I fear ending up with the same mess as with every FM LEO
satellite.. the bird gets jammed by the few operators with the highest
power on every orbit and that's it..

Nevertheless, I keep my fingers crossed.. fear the worst, hope for the

73s Achim, DH2VA
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