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Re: Double packet use of D700

> Has anyone tried using the D700 internal TNC for VHF 
> packet _AND_ the data port for UHF packet at the 
> same time? 

Yes, I use an external KPC-9612 and get 3 simultaneous
TNC's listening to the PCsat downlink.  Just hook the
9612 to the external TNC/Data port to the appropriate
1200/9600 baud connections and that's all there  is to it.

Since the 9612 can monitor both of its ports at the same
time and then I simply diode-OR the output with the
radios' internal TNC and I see the outputs of all three
TNC's simultaneously.  I usually use the D700's internal
TNC monitoring 9600 baud, and then the external TNC
on the other band monitors both 1200 and 9600.

Of course I switch off the diode-OR when doing anything
other than just monitoring so that I can use them separately.

Remember, the external TNC, however, will only listen 
and TX on the "PTT" band, so you cannot use it
"crossband".  But the internal TNC can be configured
for crossband, so that is what we use on Mode J and
mode B satelites...

de WB4APR, Bob

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