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Re: [Nova-Net] Apollo TLE to Keplarian elements

I ran yours TLE through "Element Manager" to correct it.  Now Nova accepts
it but sees it as crashed using today's date, but maybe if you run your
clock back on Nova it would work.

19  -000- - EM
1 00601U   000    63174.97885867  .00885526                        23
2 00601  69.8619 172.9878 0483667 138.6852 225.0868 15.21267116  1270

BTW - Element Manager is freeware - forgot where I got it though.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Subject: [Nova-Net] Apollo TLE to Keplarian elements

I wanted to plot the position of the Apollo 16 Saturn IVB booster in
trans-lunar trajectory (on the way to the Moon) in 1972.
I obtained the two line elements, which I "believe" are the trans-lunar

1 00601U          63174.97885867  .00885526                        27
2 00601  69.8619 172.9878 0483667 138.6852 225.0868 15.21267116  1270

Nova For Windows doesn't see these as valid elements. Probably because the
satellite has escaped Earth orbit. How can I convert these two line elements
into Sun centered Keplarian elements for use in other planetarium programs.
Or is there a way to use them in NFW?

Dale Ireland

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