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RE: TNC for Pacsats

>	I would like to know what TNC do you all recommend for use with
> the 1200 and 9600 pacsats.  I was thinking of getting the MFJ-1270 TNC.
> Is this model good for satellite work or are there any better models?

I don't know if you can still get them, but the Paccomm satellite combo
(PSK-1 and TNC-NB96) was the only commercial setup still available a couple
of years ago covering all satellite 1200/9600 modes in hardware.

Other commercial hardware modems covering these modes include DSP modems
such as the AEA DSP-1232/DSP-2232 and the LL Grace DSP-12, but these have
been unavailable for quite a while.

The crux is that while hardware 9600 bps modems are fairly easily available
nowadays, 1200 bps PSK modems compatible with amateur satellites aren't. The
1200 bps modems use BPSK on the downlink and GMSK on the uplink. 'Normal'
terrestrial amateur 1200 bps is AFSK.

73 Howard G6LVB

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