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Re: ISS in PCsat compatiblity mode

What are you hearing now?
Seems our only hope is for a southern
hemisphere station.  The closer to the south
pole the satellite is maybe the better
sun angle on the Z panel?


>>> Sil - ZL2CIA <zl2cia@amsat.org> 2/17/04 6:52:45 AM >>>
Hi Bob,

I listened to PCsat over ZL on a pass at 2006 UT (0906 local). It
sound well and the TX power fell away before the end of packet.

Sil - ZL2CIA

--- snip ---
>Unfortunately PCsat is currenly not usable
>in the northern hemisphere due to poor sun angles
>but it might be usable in midday passes in the
>Southern Hemisphere.?

--- snip ---

>de Wb4APR. Bob

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