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Fw: Nominations

At this time, only one person (Bruce Paige, KK5DO)  has enough signatures to
be a candidate for the Board.  People, you have a little more than 2 weeks
to get your nominations to the AMSAT Office.  Let's get moving!  73- Martha
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Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 1:47 PM
Subject: Nominations

> This is a reminder that nominations for the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors
> arrive at the AMSAT office (850 Sligo Ave #600, Silver Spring, MD 20910)
> later than June 15th. Member Societies or 5 current AMSAT members may make
> nominations of fellow members to serve a two-year term. Three seats on the
> seven member board must be filled.  Those whose terms are expiring are:
> Clark, W3IWI, Lou McFadin, W5DID and Bruce Paige, KK5DO.
> 73- Martha Saragovitz
>        Corporate Secretary

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