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Re: OT:What¥s wrong with DEMI ?

CU8AO wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this is a bit Off topic, but i would apreciate any info, as Down East Microwave don*t have email capability:this is the second time i send an order to them, but i received nothing, nor the Cc is charged.
> They where fast and cool before, what is wrong?
> Thanks.
> Fred, CU8AO

Fred:  They were closed for awhile, because (as they do every year) they 
hauled a lot of stuff to the Dayton Hamvention.  Now that they are back, 
they seem to be busy with taking inventory and getting ready to get back 
to routine work.  That may be why they have not yet acted on your order.

As far as the lack of an email address goes, I can understand your 
frustration because it's an international phone call for you, but that 
is a business decision that they have made long ago and clearly state on 
their web site.  It is their feeling that in most cases, they can handle 
a customer inquiry much more efficiently by talking than by emailing. 
For those of us in the 'States, it is quite a reasonable policy. 
(Spoken by someone who is occasionally buried by email at work, none of 
it "SPAM", but much of it stuff that I, too, could have much more easily 
handled with a quick phone call than trading emails back and forth.) 
I'm sorry that may be little consolation for the customers and potential 
customers from outside the 'States, but I'm just another outsider 
looking in.  FWIW, I placed an order with them about a month ago ant it 
was handled impeccably -- fast and exactly what I was looking for...

Jhn (W0JT)
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