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Re: 2004 West Coast Space Symposium Transcripts/Audio/Video

At 05:43 PM 5/20/2004 -0400, Christensen, Eric wrote:
>I was looking on the Project Oscar website (www.projectoscar.net) at all the
>presentations that I missed during the 2004 West Coast Space Symposium.  I
>didn't see any audio, video, or transcripts available for the meeting.  Did
>anyone capture any of this for later distribution?

Yes - we videotaped the proceedings and are working out the details 
now.  We don't have a target date for (I think DVD) video but it will be 
sometime this summer.

>Oh, while I have the floor...
>I found Emily's presentation on "Introduction to Satellites" very
>interesting and informative!  Makes me want to do some more research on some
>of the items that were described within the presentation (i.e. Van Allen
>Belts).  Bravo Zulu to Emily and everyone that did a presentation.  I have
>enjoyed reading them all!

*blush* - Thanks ;-)

It's not perfect and I need to add at least one slide (on keps).  Since the 
Symposium I've also added two slides on doppler.



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