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PSE FO-29 report

JARL FO-29 command team wants FO-29 reception report.

The recent FO-29 shout down problem is not due to Under Voltage
Controller(UVC). The cause is unkonw. To analyze the problem, command
team wants following info.

1. night pass CW telemetry data
2. analog transponder status (status and the time)
3. the time analog transponder stopped
4. other reference info

Please send the report to lab2@jarl.or.jp . Put the subject 'FO-29
reception report' .

This info is from JARL web site. It's only in Japanse...

Masa   JN1GKZ
   jn1gkz@qsl.net     http://www.ne.jp/asahi/m-arai/gkz/

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