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Re: Interference on FO-29

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Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 13:39:54 +0200
From: Alain De Carolis <alain@alain.it>
Subject: [amsat-bb] Arabic Music heard via FO-29

First of all I would like to report that FO-29 is back and apparently in 
pretty good shape.
On orbit 38228 at about 11.27z of today 14th May 2004 I was operating on a 
south bound pass. My signal was lound and clear but there where absolutely no 
other catchers on the bird.
Since I noticed some FM noise I tried to listen and around 435.850 I clearly 
heard some kind of arabic music. It couldnt be a commercial interference 
since I am sure It was a classic narrow fm transmission.

Dear Alain.

Unfortunately this is a problem that occurs on every orbit of FO-29 that passes over East Asia.

While operating from 3B9C I found that on the 'southbound' passes there was constant interference on the downlink from 435.855 down to 435.800. As soon as the footprint cleared 9M etc. the interference cleared. Probable cause is the use of 2m sets for taxis and other non amatuer uses. HAving said that, the passband from 435.860 to 435.900 was clear and usable.

There was a survey carried out by one of the UOSATs and published by SSTL a few years ago, that plotted geographic areas against levels of interference on the 2m sat allocation.  It was a petty convincing example of why 2m receivers on satellites are just not practical.

BTW, thanks to 4 op's in VU and ZS for the QSOs with 3B9C. It made carrying the 2m equipment on the aircraft worthwhile. Hopefully P3E will be opeating for the next DX-Pedition.


David  G0MRF 
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