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Arabic Music heard via FO-29

First of all I would like to report that FO-29 is back and apparently in 
pretty good shape.
On orbit 38228 at about 11.27z of today 14th May 2004 I was operating on a 
south bound pass. My signal was lound and clear but there where absolutely no 
other catchers on the bird.
Since I noticed some FM noise I tried to listen and around 435.850 I clearly 
heard some kind of arabic music. It couldnt be a commercial interference 
since I am sure It was a classic narrow fm transmission.
I could copy the music for about 25 seconds, but the signal was deeply fading.
The footprint covered souther Europe and a good part of North Africa ranging 
from Iraq to the Canary Islands.
Who the hell is broadcasting on 145.950 down there?


iz6byy, ww3ww

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