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RE: Insertion loss for RF connector adaptors

Hi Freeman

> Oddly enough they have a male N
> connector for the NO side of the relay.  I was curious how much
> insertion loss I could expect by using a female-to-female N connector
> adapter, and if it is significant at 70cm?  Is the loss significant
> enough that I should simply build the cable using a female N connector?

I would not worry too much about this. The purist side of me says make the
losses the absolute minimum, but I remember from my days setting up my
station that I spent way too much time, money and energy on things like this
that made very little, if any, noticeable difference!

FWIW I have about 1.5dB loss on my downlink on 70cm before it hits the
preamp because I have a DCI filter in there to stop front end desense from
some very local line of sight trunk radio transmitters.

The trick is to know which components make much difference. I'd say that in
the big scheme of things a good quality N barrel connector in line, properly
sealed against the elements will be fine.

73 Howard G6LVB

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