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Insertion loss for RF connector adaptors

I'm setting up my first attempt at a directional antenna array for
satellite work.  I'm installing an 11 element 70cm cross yagi and a four
element 2m cross yagi.  Both antennas are home-brew.

The DowKey antenna relays I am using are surplus but appear to have very
good specs for use between DC to 3GHz (worst case insertion loss at 3G
is 0.3db, 0.1db at 2m and 70cm).  Oddly enough they have a male N
connector for the NO side of the relay.  I was curious how much
insertion loss I could expect by using a female-to-female N connector
adapter, and if it is significant at 70cm?  Is the loss significant
enough that I should simply build the cable using a female N connector?

-Freeman, N5FPP

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