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Re: TS 2000 in Sat mode

On May 11, 2004, at 7:54 PM, P. Thomas Gabel wrote:

> Dave and All,
> I went to the Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) last month for their 
> supper-fest get together.
> The Kenwood field rep was there with all their equipment on display. I 
> spoke with him about the TS 2000
> carrier on 436.800. He said it is not fixed and looked like they would 
> not be able to fix the problem.

It seems to originate on or near the front panel of the radio.  I have 
wondered if it is present on the TS-B2000 as well.  It's easily heard 
with a HT in the vicinity of the TS-2000 as well, so it appears to be 

73 Mike W4LNA

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