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Re: Re: Amsat-NA BB

> WA6FWF said:
> > I think its time to start discussing a member only BB or to discuss
> the
> > possibility of a moderated BB....

I don't think moderation is the best answer, but I'd support restricting
posting to members. Those too tight to support the org can read it off the
web. Newbies can email the A/Cs or a -bb poster directly for questions. It's
funny really, other than the Journal, all the other "benefits" listed on the
membership journal are free....milk, cow, and all. Even the ARRL requires
membership to access parts of their webpage.

KE9V wrote:

> It's sad but apparently, without a benevolent dictator, AMSAT-BB is at
> the mercy of this raving lunatic.

Just killfile him on your end, and every email he is cc'ed on. Luc obviously
has an opinion, and he MAY even have a point somewhere, but the message was
lost in the noise long ago. Some folks have too much time on their hands.

73, Drew KO4MA

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