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Re: Amsat-NA BB

WA6FWF said:

> I think its time to start discussing a member only BB or to discuss
> possibility of a moderated BB....

I couldn't agree more. That no one has shut this nonsense down a
*long* time ago by simply banning one member is a gross case of
malfeasance by the current list operator. Sorry, I hate to criticize
volunteers but this has become downright ridiculous. It's one thing to
allow free expression on a mailing list, it's quite another to allow
one person to monopolize the list by spewing venom and driving
everyone else away.

If the present list manager doesn't want to make such a move, I'd be
pleased to host a new 'satellite communicator' mailing list on my own
server beginning tonight.

It's sad but apparently, without a benevolent dictator, AMSAT-BB is at
the mercy of this raving lunatic.

Jeff, KE9V
AMSAT #28350

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