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Re: Satellites for Field Day

Hi Jack,

Nice to read a post that doesn't involve surveys and special offers ;-)

>Hi Guys and Gals
>I'm looking for suggestions for satellites for field day.  I like to use 
>the SSB and CW birds and they
>seem to be sort of sparse right now.   The only bird that is available 
>right now is FO-29.

Not true - AO-7 is also available if you take the time to learn how to use 
it.  It's not an easy 100 points if that is what you are looking for, but 
it still has as much bandwidth as FO-29, though I will admit not all of it 
is what I consider useable.

>Will it [FO-29]
>be available for field day assuming no other problems?

That is more difficult than predicting the outcome of Presidential 
elections (unless you live in Florida and know something I don't 
know.)  But I wouldn't base my entire FD points strategy on it.

FO-29 has been exhibiting low voltage symptoms for a couple of months.  If 
I had to guess I would guess that one pass over the east coast on field day 
and it will flip off from low voltage.  I'm just echoing something I read 
about AO-40 on field day - about how much power was being thrown at it.

>Can anyone else suggest other birds that
>may be on and used for field day?

AO-7, AO-27, SO-50, possibly the ISS, and you can try the packet 
satellites.  Sending messages by APRS is a challenge, but it does offer an 
alternative.  So you then have UO-22, NO-45, NO-44 and the ISS packet 
system if it is turned on.

>I need to put antennas together to get ready.  Again We will be operating 
>under W4IY  in Virginia.
>I look forward to working all of you.
>Thanks for any suggestions.
>Jack W4AD
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