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RE: N8AU "special offer"

At 03:18 AM 5/11/2004, Luc Leblanc (VE2DWE) wrote:
>On 11 May 2004 at 1:15, David B. Toth wrote:
> >
> > Luc: I can't understand half of what you are trying to say, but I know one
> > thing:
>First it is not intended for you and i have to lower down my language 
>level to match the message level i got.
>The whole process is made  in a way to be understand by some individuals 
>and i know again language level is

When you put it on the List, we all had to see it, and I think it is safe 
to say that the majority of us are sick of this.

> >You make me ashamed to be Canadian.
>Did you refer to the sponsorship scandal? or on this:
>Dave VE3GYQ/W8
>Lima, OH

I  refer to the fact that I am Canadian, you are Canadian, and I have to 
sit here and watch you hurl obscenities in public, and then have you 
proudly proclaim that you are the Quebec coordinator.

>There i see... and you don't have to say anything else.  I'm deeply sorry 
>for you but I feel the same here
>since a long time too and i agree completely with you...  Keep in mind 
>"quit AMSAT and start your own
>organization" i'm ashamed too by some comments as an AMSAT member, it's up 
>to you to extend your feelings at
>the level you feel right, as i said i share your views completely.
>Feel free to ask if you don't understand this one, I will be glad to 
>answer you privatly or publicly if it's
>your choice Dave.

Sorry, but I wish you'd just go away too. I don't even care if you are 
correct. Your behavior is offensive and uncalled for, and a complete waste 
of time.

I won't bother responding to any more messages from you.

> >Take this garbage private.
>I keep private whats i received privatly... the same rule apllied for 
>whats i received publicly
>Garbage! be more specific did you refer to the directed survey?  if yes 
>you surely have a copy of it as i
>have one now.  Again i understand you completely. i will never answered 
>back the questions as they are
>formulated but i will send a letter explaining why i cannot answer the 
>survey questions as formulated. Even
>the personnal comments section is too small i will have to add another 
>page to this survey.
>Anyone can see it is not the membership ideas this BOD is interrested in, 
>but their own specific points,
>what they are considering IMPORTANT MATTER in their decisions making 
>process. They want to test if their
>present course of action is correct the famous 5 years plan,  an old 
>concept of governing an inheritance from
>the cold war era (SAC defense planning). Not convince this will save 
>anyone from drowning under debts...
>Again it's irrlelevant here to discuss on the means when the survey 
>questions are directed in a so incidious
>and clever way.
>You see we have quite the same ideas.  We just have to replace them in 
>context and in the right order.

We do not have the same ideas. You need professional help.
My spam filter proudly includes your address now.

David B. Toth, MD

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